Friday, 6 May 2016

A small but fun annual dinner.

On the afternoon of 23rd April, the club held its AGM at Holiday Villa at Subang Jaya. Congratulations to the new committee for 2016 / 2017: President Wan Yew Leong, Vice President Munning, Secretary Chan Kin Hou, Assistant Secretary Ng Chooi Lin, Treasurer Sunny Lee, Assistant Treasurer Chan Shook Fun, Committee Members Li Leen and Johnson Lim and Auditors Alfred Chan and Mah Pung.

After the AGM, the annual dinner was held at the same place in the evening. It was a small gathering of 9 ten-person tables. Dinner was a very acceptable multi course (I think it was ten) Chinese dinner, ending with a very delicious lotus paste pancake. Each table was given a bottle of Penfolds Kenunga Hills Shiraz 2013 which this unsophisticated drinker found to be very smooth. Beside the few individual lucky draws, there was also 6 lucky draws for table, so a large majority of the diners went home with something.

I was seated with 5 employees of Allianz Malaysia, the sponsor's of the club's 4 X 3km relay run in 2015. They were a fun and happy bunch. Allianz organises a regular run for their employees on Wednesday evenings and some of the have become regular runners on weekends too.

The 2016-2017 EXCO

Part of my Planetarium Negara Group

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Heard a personal experience of running with a Tarahumara

At front left, Marion with husband, Daniel. Left, 4th from front, Johann. Front right, Angela.

After inconsistently coming to the Planetarium Negara Group run, I finally met Daniel and Marion, who have been in Malaysia for about 6 months. Daniel, originally from Mexico, related that he has run with a runner from the famed Mexican ultra long distance tribe, the Tarahumara. He ran or jogged with the Tarahumara guide who seemed like he was having a brisk walk. During the 8 hours, Daniel carried litres of water, while the guide's only hydration was a can of Coke! Daniel and Marion are pretty fast, running sub 50 minutes for 10km. With this pace, Marion is happy that she gets onto the podium in some local races.

I also met Johann and Angela for the first time today. Angela is quite new to running and was helpfully guided by her friend, Li Leen.

A warm welcome to all the newbies!

After our run, we adjourned to our favourite coffeshop, Restoran Shangri La, on Jalan Batai.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Welcome new members

Welcome to new members of the club. See also in March 4th eFootloose 

Date of Joined
Lee Ka Heng
Allison Yee Phui Se
Daniel Ho Kam Fat
May Yang
Lee Mei Lien, Maria
Soon Khim Leong
Ang Li Leen
Nixson Ng Wey Yap
Johnson Lim Fung Tat
Yap Yoke Moi
Chong Teck Onn
Ooi Cheng Suan, Christina
Rafina A Rahman
Chin Wai Kit, Leslie

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Kuantan Group puts on great show in Sungai Lembing

Slightly more than 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur and we were in Sungai Lembing, an old tin mining town, near Kuantan. It was the only underground tin mining area in the then Malaya. We were here for the club's Breakfast Run on 28th February. 

On the eve of the run, we had a bbq dinner of chicken, ikan kembong bakar, prawns, and skewers of sausages accompanied by bee hoon at Pollock View Resort, where we stayed. 

Chan Kin Hou, the club secretary and an avid hiker led us up Bukit Panorama at 5.45am on 28th. There were many other visitors snaking up the hill too. Despite the slight rain soon after starting off, most of us (not me) continued up. It was slightly early at the summit and many of them did not catch the sunrise, however the Permaisuri Group stayed on to witness the beautiful views. 

The Kuantan Area Group, led by William Chin, put in an excellent effort organising this event - they had many marshals along the route to make sure the KL urbanites didn't get lost, not to mention they had a handful of ladies at the breakfast counter serving mee, chee cheong fun , an assortment of kueh, fruits, tau sui and tau foo fah.

The run started at the town padang and we moved out of town in a southerly direction, crossing Sungai Kenau on a suspension bridge. The bridge looked like it was for pedestrians only, but a few motorcycles used it. On the other bank of the river was a small, generally Chinese settlement where the famous Sungai Lembing mee is made. Many of the buildings in Sungai Lembing and surrounding settlements are wooden structures. We passed a few small Chinese settlements, where we were greeted by some bemused elderly ladies who greeted us Tzo Sun (good morning)

Slightly more than 3km after crossing the pedestrian bridge, we crossed the river again on a similar bridge. Running across them made them move with a wave-like motion. We were now north of Sungai Lembing and headed towards it. The route was generally quiet with few cars, possibly more so as it was a Sunday morning. The small villages and forested landscape along the route made for a very enjoyable run. 

On reaching the end, at the padang, we had our breakfast. Later there was a competition of kicking a soccer ball at the goal – not as easy as it seems! 

 BBQ dinner *

Part of the resort decorated with vintage items *


At the pasar malam

 A very popular stall

 Permaisuri Group at Panorama Hill summit *

View from summit *

Before the run. It looked like the Permaisuri Group were still descending Panorama Hill!

Briefing by William Chin before the run


Passing a Chinese settlement #

View from a pedestrian bridge

Angie with two route marshals

 Kuantan Group volunteers at breakfast *




Winners of the football competition

The route - approx. 8.3km #

The famous yummy siew yoke *

The famed Sungai Lembing mee shop had many 1 kilo bags ready for the expected out-of-towners to buy **

Iconic landmark at entry to the town *

* photos by Chan Wing Kai
** photos by Sharon Yap Siew Fong
# photos by Chan Kin Hou
## photo by Allison Yee