Friday, 16 September 2016

Largest crowd at club's Breakfast Run

Photo courtesy of Kah Loong

A record number of 220 runners, of which 120 were guests, came for the club’s Breakfast Run on 4th September 2016 at Taman Botani Kepong. It was heartening to see quite a number of young children. A large part of the route was on off-road, quiet, leafy FRIM trials, surrounded by tall trees. The rest of the route was on tarmac and the whole route was free of motorised traffic, although there were a few mountain bikers. For the 9km route, maybe half the distance was on FRIM trials, which started with a long steep climb. Many decided to walk up this part. The trails are all relatively wide, able to accommodate a least 3 runners abreast, so there was always space for those wanting to jog up, to pass those walking.

At RM5 per non member, and free for members, the club’s Breakfast Runs are arguably one of the best value runs. After the run, we had breakfast of fried chicken, mee, nasi lemak, fried eggs, fruits, kuih, Wan Yew Leong’s iconic teh tarik, water and Lucozade. 

Vice president Munning, with the help of Chun Yin, was on the back of his pick up truck distributing the club’s new yellow vests and T shirts. EXCO Sunny, helped by Dorothy, sold 46 surplus PAC 2015 4X3km Relay T shirts for about RM345. 

Many thanks to the EXCO for putting together this run. Thanks also to Shook Fun’s mother, whom I noticed helping with the full, large garbage bags after many runners had left. 

Photos courtesy of Chan Wing Kai:

Photos courtesy of Li Leen:

A long queue for Yew Leong's iconic teh tarik

Rained out but still met for fellowship and makan

Most of us left our houses in the rain hoping that Desa Parkcity would be dry. However, it was still raining at 7am, our intended start time. We were there for a new member-meet-EXCO gathering. We were supposed to run 10km, followed by a picnic of tuna sandwiches, ang ku, butter cake, assorted kuih, bananas and apples. When the rain did not abate at 7.45am, we decided to adjourn to a food outlet at TESCO Bandar Manjalara for our breakfast, minus the run :(.  We brought all the food there but the club bought beverages from the food stall, so as not to be totally in breach of their "no outside food allowed" norm. It was a very good gathering place with plenty of free parking & only a short distance from Desa Parkcity.

President Wan Yew Leong welcomed the new members and thanked a few of them for already volunteering in some club events. In fact, Shook Fun, Li Leen and Johnson, who only joined last year are already committee members. 

EXCO Sunny Lee took drink orders and even served the first batch. Well done!

After we finished breakfast, some couldn’t resist taking advantage of the much better weather. A group went to Desa Parkcity and another went to FRIM.

Many thanks to the EXCO for organising the event. Thanks also to Clara Bong (Yew Leong's wife) and Angie (my wife) for making the tuna sandwiches and butter cake respectively. 

 At the TESCO carpark  *








Photos courtesy of:
* Michael Gan
# Johnson Lim
** Joseph Leong
## Clara Bong
+ Li Leen
++ Kah Loong

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Registration for Allianz Pacesetters 4 X 3km is closed

The registration for the Allianz Pacesetters 4 x 3km for Categories A to D has closed with effect from 7 September 2016. We thank all runners who have registered for this event. However, the charity run, the Kiwanis Pace It Forward is still open. Those interested can contact Kiwanis.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Renew your membership to get your complimentary Ultron branded club vest and T shirt

We wish to announce that Ultron is the official apparel of the club with effect from 1 July 2016. Ultron is a home grown brand, a brand that is fast gaining popularity amongst the sports community. We believe our club would benefit from the co-branding initiatives moving forward.

The sponsorship will involve Ultron providing shirts to our club members at a very special price and also as the official apparel of the Allianz Pacesetters 4 x 3km. Our Executive Committee has recently approved a sizeable budget to purchase a first batch of 400 sets of shirts (round neck T shirt and singlet) to be issued to members from September 2016. A second batch will be ordered after September 2016 to match the balance of the requirements.

The objective of this initiative is to enable our members to be the brand ambassadors of the club, wearing the club’s shirts at run events, practice runs and even during social functions where appropriate. The principal challenges of this initiative is to estimate the sizing of our members and the distribution process. Both these challenges need careful planning, execution and your co-operation. Please follow the following steps diligently.

·       Members who joined the club in 2014 or earlier need to have their membership renewed to December 2017 or later.
·       Members who joined the club in 2015 or after need to have their membership renewed to December 2018 or later.
This is a members’ loyalty program and we need members to pay a minimum amount of subscription to the club to be eligible for the free club shirts. You can renew anytime this year,
but the shirts will only be allocated after we have obtained the paid renewal in our system.
Members are to reply via email to our VP1, Munning Jamaludin at, giving us the following information on or before 31 August 2016 for us to compile the listing;
·         Name
·         PAC No & Expiry Date
·         Email Address and HP No.
·         T-shirt size (indicate Male or Female)
·         Singlet size (indicate Male or Female)
·         Self Collection from PAC Store or via Group Leaders / Exco Members (see item 3 below for details)

Please reply accurately in the sequence such that we can compile the data accurately. Incomplete information will result in delay in allocation of your shirts.

Please refer to Ultron size chart to ensure accurate sizing.

We will allocate the shirts on a “first come first serve” basis. The earlier you reply, the earlier you get your allocation.

Collection Venue / Exco Member or Group Leader In Charge:
·       PAC Store at 37, Block C, Lorong Jugra, Taman Sri Lempah, 3 ½ Miles, Old Klang Road, 58100 Kuala Lumpur / Munning Jamaludin – 019-2747433 or Angie 03-7980 7379
·       Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras / Winnie Lee – 019-3846338
·       Kuantan / Soh Gaik Nyeoh – 017-9868118
·       Sri Hartamas / Johnson Lim – 012-6578111
·       Padang Merbuk / Ng Chooi Lin – 013-3896978
·       Planetarium Negara / Ang Li Leen – 019-2243048
Once you have elected where you wish to collect from, we will issue the shirts to the respective individuals for your collection. We will email you to confirm that your allocation is confirmed provided your sizes are in stock. Otherwise, we will let you know when your sizes are available.
Then you can make an appointment with the specific individual to pick up your shirts.
You need to sign an acknowledgement letter to us upon receipt of the shirts from our Exco Members or Group Leaders.

POLO Shirt:
We are keeping a small stock of the Club’s Polo Shirts. The selling price is RM30 per piece. It is very suitable for smart casual occasions. You can order and pay for them when you collect the complimentary club shirts. If we don’t have your size, we will order it for you.
Just drop us a line if you are keen to purchase the Club Polo Shirt.

We look forward to receive your early registration for this program and become a brand ambassador for the club. Together we shall set the pace and take our club to greater heights.