Sunday, 19 February 2017

Large turnout at 1st Peer Support run

More than 40 runners turned out for the first Peer Support Program on Sunday, 19th February. Most were very happy to meet new friends and 17 have decided to join the club! 

Some comments from runners:

Julie Wong: "Thank you PAC, Mr Wan, Johnson, Munning and all the crew for a well organised LSD"

Michael Yeoh: "Thank you PAC!!! It was very well organised"

Aaron Kwok: "Hi All! Thanks for having me here. Nice to meet all of you"

Mun Yee: "Thanks for organising this :)"

Ng Wee Teik: "Bravo. pac family getting bigger"

photos by Joseph Leong and Johnson Lim

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

SCKLM Peer Support Program coming soon

We will be organising Group Training Runs every Sunday starting from 19 February 2017 till 14 May 2017 for runners training for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 (SCKLM 2017), 42km, 21km or 10km. The run will start from Petronas Station at Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 at 6.00am (Start Time may vary depending on the run distance). There are two to three distances offered, ranging from 10km to 30km. We will start from shorter distances and progressively increase to longer distances within the 13 weeks.

This program is opened to both members of Pacesetters Athletic Club as well as non-members, the more the merrier. Bring your friends. We will try to provide one drink station along the route and runners are advised to wear a bottle belt. After the run at about 8.30am, we will serve drinks and fruits at the carpark at Jalan Sri Hartamas 7, in front of Banana Leaf Cafe. On some Sundays, we may move the starting venue to another location to give variety of training routes. 

We will invite experienced runners to share their experiences on some Sundays after the run at 8.30am. 

Those who are interested can request to be included in the PAC Sri Hartmas Whatsapp Chat Group by messaging anyone of the following administrators; 
Johnson Lim ( 012-6578111) 
Sunny Lee ( 019-2136685) 
Joseph Leong ( 019-3583738) 

Details on each week's training program will be communicated via Whatsapp Chat Group. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Club's Breakfast Run in Kuantan is partly on the beach

By Ang Li Leen

I decided to join the breakfast run at the last minute, which meant I had to forgo the MPI Generali Run 2017, as both events were on the same day. Earlier, I had decided otherwise. However, after discovering that not many from KL were going for the breakfast run, I decided to show support for the club's activity. And no regrets there. The trail run along the beach of Teluk Cempedak and the forest nearby was very rewarding and the view along the route was awesome. Glad I managed to take many photos along the way, except for the monkeys.

After making arrangements on accommodation and transport, I confirmed my registration for the breakfast run. Thank you to my cousin and family for the hospitality and Mr Wan and wife for the roadtrip.

Ms Soh, Kuantan area group leader, briefed us on the 10km run and 4.5km walk this morning. The runners started first, followed by walkers. The Kuantan area group did a really good job in organising the run. Route directions and marshalls were aplenty at important intersections. There was even a water station at about KM4. They also recee'd the route four times before confirming it.

This is my first run along a beach. I also managed to experience many different types of terrains in this run, from tarmac, pavement, sand, dirt road to forest trail. There were also two water crossings, first, a flimsy plank - balance very important here - and second, a partially submerge gangplank. Your shoes will surely get wet if you cannot jump far. And yours truely got her shoes wet so she started to run into puddles thereafter, along the wet sections of the trail. Woohoo!

The route
We walked over the bridge and ran along the beach, before we entered the forest. Then, we came out to the beach again and managed to catch the sunrise. We could not see the sunrise earlier at the start point as there was a huge cloud covering it. I climbed over rocks to the next beach followed by the water station, then ran along a paved route with a lake on the left and hill view on the right. A short run in a housing area before going back into the forest trail.

As I was exiting the forest trail to the beach, I had to walk beside a bunch of monkeys returning into the forest as the weather was getting hotter. I was so worried that a protective male monkey would suddenly jump on me! Luckily, no dramas. Back to the walking the along the bridge to the start point for breakfast. Yums!

A gaiter would have been good to keep the sand out of the shoes. Running on sand also worked the different muscles group and balance. Great short weekend escape from the city for a simple no frills club run.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Many interesting stories in latest eFootloose

Many more runners in Allianz Pacesetters 4 x 3 km relay compared to last year.

About 18 club members at Chuncheon Marathon.

Tan Chor Huat at the Melbourne Marathon.

Newbie, Ai Ming, at left, with teamates at the Allianz Pacesetters 4 x 3km relay. She is happy to make new friends in the club.

Newbies, the Loh sisters enjoy the fellowship of club members.

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