Monday, 16 November 2015

Club's Breakfast Run among paddy fields

Our members took their families for a fun run cum holiday in Sekinchan last Sunday. The club wishes to thank the headmaster of SRJK (C) Yoke Kuan, Mr Lee, for graciously allowing us to have our breakfast in the school canteen.

Many of the runners came on Saturday and visited Ah Ma House, Paddy Gallery, Pantai Redang and Mango King.

Group photo before the run. photo by Chan Wing Kai

 This is not just a pretty picture, it is part of the important irrigation system in paddy planting.

 Ah Ma House, which sells specialty cakes and biscuits.
These paddy fields will be ready for harvesting in about 2 weeks.

 A rice farmer telling us that rice crop takes between 90 to 100 days from planting to harvest. The "Pearl" variety is not allowed to be planted in Malaysia because of pests. Harvesting is done by large rice harvesters like to one below, which was parked a short distance away.

 Yummy breakfast of rice porridge, yau cha kwai, braised taukwa and soya sauce stewed eggs

The Mango King shop, where we were given samples of very nice ciku - not too sweet. We then bought a one kg bag of it for RM10.

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