Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Trekking for a change

Eleven of us met at the Cheras Awana entrance of the Apek hill trek at 7.45am on 25th June during the Raya break. It was the first time here for most of us. Shiang Beng, an experienced trekker had initiated this. Crystal Lam, Poh and Kin Hou were also experienced trekkers in the group. Not all junctions in the jungle were clearly sign posted, so it helped that Crystal had been here numerous times not too long ago.

The route started with a long steep ascent and then became undulating and wide. We were to go 4.6km to Waterfall 2, the smaller of 2. It took a total 6 hours 20 minutes return, so we carried between 1 to 2 litres of water each along with some snacks, raisins and such. Most of the route was under jungle canopy but it was still hot and humid. Kin Hou had assured us that leeches would not be a problem as there are no wild boars in the area and he was right.

After 1.5 hours, we reached station 3A (calling it 4 is pantang!). This is a gym in the jungle, with weights, hula hoops, hanging rings and a hammock! The floor was raked clean of leaves.

At station 3A, the jungle gym

A short distance from the gym was station 5, a cafe serving coffee, tea and cold fizzy drinks - a welcome sight.

We then proceeded to Waterfall 2. The last 100 meters was a very steep decline, some sections requiring ropes that were already in place.

The palms had sharp thin thorns

We made our way out after enjoying the falls. Personally, I found the 6 hour trek tiring because of the weather. Surprisingly, the steep 100 metre climb from the waterfall was easier than the descent. We made stops at a few stations, although the tougher ones amongst us could have dispensed with them. 

On reaching the Cheras Awana entrance, we stopped at a stall for cold coconut water. Thanks Chong for the belanja  :). The grand finale was a sumptuous fish lunch at the nearby 33 Kopitiam, recommended by Crystal and Poh. We had 4 dishes of Soong Yu Tau, cooked in different styles.

photos, courtesy of Sprouse, Kin Hou, Shiang Beng, Crystal and Angie

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