Monday, 21 July 2014

Good Turnout at First Peer Support Training

There was a very good turnout at the first Marathon / Half Marathon Peer Support Programme at Padang Merbok yesterday. There was a water station at the 5km mark at Langgak Tunku, outside the Selangor Properties flats, which was still there for the return journey. A light breakfast was provided after the training at Padang Merbok.

This is a weekly event - every Sunday at Padang Merbok at 5am and/or 6am. Please check for updates. Full details here:

Drink station at Langgak Tunku, manned by President Wan Yew Leong and Treasurer Chong Ting Chow.

Jamie Pang giving some training tips after the run.

Sub 4 Marathon mentor, Chua Wen Kiat sharing some tips.

Refreshments and light breakfast  :)

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