Thursday, 24 July 2014

Meet your FM & HM Mentors :)

Introducing the mentors for Pacesetters Full Marathon/Half Marathon Peer Support Programme. These are your mentors during the Sunday LSD runs.

The mentors of the respective time group will be running based on the stated average pace +- 10 seconds. If you are new to the route and uncertain whether you can keep up, we suggest you follow a slower group and familiarized yourself with the route before attempting your targeted pace group. It would be good if you can introduce yourself to the mentors before the run so that they can keep an eye on you.

These are not professional mentors but they are runners with experience to share. Feel free to engage them for tips. As this is a new programme, we are still trying to find more mentors. Please let us know if you know of experienced pacing people and would like to volunteer for a certain pace.

We welcome all members of different pace to join. Feel free to bring along your friends who are non members too. Weekly announcement will be made to confirm the location, distance and time, so do check it out here before going.

By Chua Wen Kiat

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