Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pacesetters Marathon/Half Marathon Peer Support Programme

For this Sunday, 7th Sept., most of us will be having races to attend. However, the usual Sunday run will still go on with a smaller group lead byTai Kok Keong. Location: Padang Merbok. Time: 6am. Distance 20km.

Running a marathon or even a half marathon is a challenging affair, especially for those  who have to balance their work and family commitments. However, the satisfaction of  completing the marathon is difficult to describe and you have to experience it to understand why so many keep going back to run it.

We have 7 marathons in Malaysia / Singapore this year with 5 of them in the last 4 months of the year;

1. Sultan Mahmud International Bridge Run – 27 September 2014
2. Putra Jaya Night Marathon – 11 October 2014
3. Standard Chartered KL Marathon – 12 October 2014
4. Penang Bridge International Marathon – 16 November 2014
5. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – 7 December 2014

We understand many of our members are planning to run one or more of these marathons. The club shall be organizing a training program to support our members in their quest to complete the above marathons in their target time. Training for a marathon on your own is a lonely affair and running in a group is fun and the challenge becomes more achievable.

Concept of Peers’ Support Program
The club will recruit a number of our members to lead Sunday long runs to help members  achieve their various targeted finishing times. They are your leaders or mentors for the marathon. You can join the group that best fits your target;  say you wish to do a sub-5 hour run, you join to sub-5 hour group, it is that simple. The long run distance will increase progressively such that you peak at your target marathon. We advise members to focus on only one of the above 5 marathons as they are quite close together. Your body needs recovery time after each marathon.

Venue – Padang Merbok car park or car park behind Lake Club.
The principal venue is Padang Merbok Car-park. If an event is held in Padang Merbok, we will move to the car park behind Lake Club. Please look out for our announcement via Facebook or this blog.

The following are the program details:

Full Marathon
Starting Time – 6am
Half Marathon
Starting Time – 6am
Sub 6 hours
Hooi Siew Weng
Sonny Ng
Sub 3 hours
Tai Kok Keong
Teresa Goh
Sub 5 ½ hours
Tan Chin Ann
Kelvin Ng
Sub 2 ½ hours
Tan Keng Koon
Sub 5 hours
Chua Eng Siong
Fuad Mohd
Barkley Wong
Sub 2 ¼ hours
Lim Chin Guan
Sub 4 ½ hours
Karen Loh
Jason Thiang
Jeff Ooi
Sub 2 hours
Lim Yew Khuay
Sub 4 hours
Chua Wen Kiat
Allan Koh
Sub 1 ¾ hours
Lim Yew Khuay

Other than the above mentors, our club’s captains, Ronnie See, Maggie Goh (Boston Marathon finisher) and Jessica Tang will come by on certain Sundays to share their running experience. The above program will commence from 20th  July 2014, after the FIFA World Cup Finals. Members are expected to have their fluid pouch for basic hydration. The club will provide one drink station in front of Selangor Properties to serve members. You can also refill your bottles at this drink station.

The duration of this program is from 20th July till 5th October. The extension of this program beyond 5th October shall be subject to its popularity.

On certain Sundays, we will invite speakers to share their knowledge on a number of related topics from about 8.30am. The club will also provide drinks and fruits at the venue after each Sunday program.

We will provide updates progressively on our club’s Facebook and this blog.

P/S – while this program is organized for members, you may bring your friends as they may be interested to join as members in future.

Pacesetters 3030 Run – 2 November 2014
The club is also organizing our own 30km Run in conjunction with our 30th Anniversary. This event is an extremely good warm up run for Penang International Bridge Marathon and the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. The event will open for registration on 15 July 2014.

Wan Yew Leong
3 July 2014 / 019-3569031

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